Unbeatable Fendt Gold Star Customer Care

The technology in a Fendt tractor is industry leading.  The precision and efficiency are heralded in reviews and industry reports.  You dont have to look far to find something telling you a Fendt is a premium machine preferred the world over.  Premium is what you expect in the tractor, but it is also what you get on the service side.

This support is called the Gold Star Customer Care Plan.  When you buy a Fendt here, Maple Lane will take care of regular service and maintenance.  This is the best tractor warranty in the industry— Fendt Gold Star Customer Care covers your new tractor for 3 years or 3,000 hours, whichever comes first.  This covers all scheduled maintenance, including the cost of oil, filters, and selected maintenance items.  At no additional cost, the owner of a new Fendt has the first 3 years or 3000 hours covered.

Having the service covered is exceptional, but the Gold Star Customer Care Plan includes more than just the cost of a few parts.  Maple Lane is continually training its technicians to the high standard Fendt requires.  With your service looked after here, you have access to expert diagnostics from trained and experienced technicians.  The work and knowledge this warranty covers is industry leading, and leaves an impact on your cost-of-ownership bottom line.

The Fendt warranty is outstanding, because it at no additional cost the owner gets the highest level of operating reliability and retention of the value of your Fendt.  It means costs are controlled from the beginning of your purchase for a better overall cost of ownership.

Here is a list of the service interval hours, and the components each service covers.

Service Intervals Fendt Gold Star Customer Care

Gold Star Customer Care is just another reason that Fendt is a global leader in the agriculture industry.

Fendt Gold Star Customer Care

Maple Lane Farm Service is pleased to be bringing you Fendt tractors.  There are three Fendt High-Hosepower Series to Choose from.  700 Series, 800 Series, & 900 Series.   Leader Drive Fendt

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