Fendt 1000

The Varioterminal Advantage

There’s only one brand of tractors that was the very first to introduce innovative terminal technology into their tractors. And it’s here at Maple Lane Farm Service.

Fendt’s industry-first Varioterminal brings major benefits to your operation

We’re proud to carry a lineup of Fendt tractors featuring the industry’s first Varioterminal. It’s a feature other tractors don’t have, with clearly organized and well-thought-out controls that make your farming jobs easier. Here are just a few ways the Varioterminal can bring more efficiency to your operation.

It puts all your most-used features in one place

The Fendt Varioterminal combines some of the most major functions of your tractor into one easy-to-use terminal. You’ll make the most of Variotronic headland management, VarioGuide automatic steering, and your general tractor and implement controls – all while enjoying easier, more cost-effective operation.

It gives you a clear view, no matter how you choose to operate it

Choose from two Varioterminal size options – 7” or 10.4” – then choose whether you want to use the groundbreaking, high-resolution touchscreen or navigation keys and a rotary control. Both options allow you to easily get a clear overview of your work and operate the Varioterminal the way that works best for you.

It’s comfortable enough for all-day, every-day use

The Varioterminal includes an optimally designed armrest and joystick engineered to work with the functions of the corresponding machine, so you stay can stay comfortable and relaxed while you work.

It’s well-equipped so you stay well-informed

Both Varioterminal size options include a night mode that adjusts the display colors to reduce glare, keeping you safer and more comfortable at night. And the 10.4” option features two standard camera connections on the armrest that allow for images to be displayed either individually or at the same time, so you’ll get extra views when you need them.

If you’re interested in learning more about how the Varioterminal can help you farm better, contact our team at Maple Lane Farm Service. We’d love to show you around our Fendt tractors and help you find the right one for your operation!